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Where the mop is top!

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Appreciating Sam Winchester's hair since 2005.

Mission Statement.
// Come one, come all [bang!lovers, that is]! This comm is dedicated to the youngest Winchester and his Season 1 hair especially the bangs. It was not fair that the writers killed it off and we aim to bring the BANGS BACK! \o/

// We shall use the word "bangs" a lot. Occasionally, we shall use the word "fringe" for non-American folk, and if you don't know what either means, we shall mock your naivety point you in the right direction.

// Anything that your moderators [cookiemonsta aka Sian, dontcockblockme aka Brooke, deansam67 aka Kate and agt_league aka Janice] say or do is out of pure, unadulterated love for Sammy and his hair and should NOT be taken seriously [unless it is, of course serious].

// We aim to provide you with as much good quality crack as possible surrounding Sam Winchester's hair.
House rules.
// Yes, here comes the boring but essential part of any LJ community that we trust all members will follow. House rule, guys -- driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole. Or something.

// Any breaking of these rules will first result in a warning. If you break it again, it will result in your permanent ban. Sorry to put a damper on things, but this community is all about the squee and love for all things Sam's-bangs and the mods or the members don't need any trolls to harsh their squee.

// That being said, if you follow these, we'll get along perfectly. :D

// Rule #1: We moderate all membership requests as well as posting. If you don't like it, please be leaving now. It's just for pre-cautionary reasons so we can check if you're a regular LJer and not a troll.

// Rule #2: Your journal must be a minimum of 6 months active for the same reason as above and if it's not, you must be referred to us by a comm member or you won't even be considered for approval.

// Rule #3: If we find out that you've been banned from another comm or have been starting wank with any moderators of a comm even if it's outside Supernatural fandom, we will not accept you.

// Rule #4: NO bang-haters. Not just Sam's bangs but bangs in general. Hell, I don't even know why you'd want to join our comm if you hate bangs in the first place. You will NOT be approved to join if you hate.

// Rule #5: NO bashing of Dean's hair or Dean's ANYTHING. Just because we're a Sam community doesn't mean we don't appreciate the other brother.

// Rule #6: NO flaming other members or starting wank. If you want to wank, please GTFO because we don't tolerate that here.

// Rule #7: You must have a love for Supernatural and the brothers. [This rule seems kinda obvious, does it not??]

// Rule #8: All your mods are from the Australian timezone but we'll try everything to approve your posts as quick as possible!

// Rule #9: Any graphic posts should be under a cut to keep everyone's f-list tidy and if you don't know how to do that, please educate yourself this way. All icon posts should have only 3 icons outside of the cut as teasers.

// Rule #10: Sit back and enjoy the feel of wind on yourSammy's hair as we take you for one helluva ride! Feel free to contribute whenever you wish and please report any concerns to any of the moderators and we will be sure to deal with your matter seriously. ♥
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// If you would like to be Affiliates with us, please drop us an email! :)
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// Like what you see? Then spread the word (and the love!):

Credit and disclaimers.
// We do not take any credit for how gorgeous Sam is in all his Season 1 hair glory.

// All graphics unless otherwise stated were created by cookiemonsta and dontcockblockme. Hotlinking and stealing makes wee!Sam cry so don't do it.
Profile code thanks to ReversesCollide
Layout codes thanks to thrashmetal